Professionals in Drone Work

Dedicated Drones flies with unmanned remotely operated drones for making images from the sky for a variety of applications.

Dedicated Drones is a collaboration between Dutch Aerial Works and Fotopiloott.

With a lot of ambition and enthusiasm we set ourselves to solve your question in an affordable way. An assignment begins with a wish, a thought. We think about you, give advice, make a plan of action and implement it.

Both Dutch Aerial Works and Fotopiloot fly with RPAS Operator Certificate, the most comprehensive certification in the Netherlands (ROC 18/16 and ROC 25/16), with additional competence to perform the most diverse types of flight assignments using approved procedures and risk analyzes with accompanying mitigation measures. The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) is responsible for maintaining and implementing regulations on behalf of the Dutch government.

With the origin of Dutch Aerial Works in manned aviation, we have broad aviation knowledge, experience and expertise in flight, procedures and safety.

We work with several other trusted, certified (drone) companies, with graphic designers and augmented reality CG specialists, to provide your desired project with the best possible end result. This collaboration ensures continuity and a wider range of both the type and the number of drones, where we can (at the same time) carry out an assignment.